Let the Leaves of the Trees Heal the Nation


Blush of Young Love Herbal Tea

I have been using “The Blush of Young Love Tea” every morning for over a month now and my skin loves me for it! Beautifully and Lovingly crafted from Calendula, Echinacea, and Chaste tree, this tea looks, smells and tastes lovely. I’ve tried everything for my hormonally related cystic acne and this is the only product that has worked. As advised by my Naturopath, I’ve been having one cup every morning at the same time. My skin broke out in the first week but this is a normal part of the healing process when the body is ridding unwelcome toxins. I did use the tea topically when this happened and found less infections.  I also noticed a reduction in my pre-menstrual symptoms, less breast swelling and a smoother transition. I will definitely be ordering more of this plant magic from Medicinal Botanix.

Kelly Govett

Student of Naturopathy

Broken Heart Herbal Tea

I’m a clairvoyant and emotional healer. I have developed a condition called Atrial Fibrillation, to do with the electrics in my heart. I have had to give up coffee, tea and go easy on all stimulants like sugar, as this seems to set it off. I love my work and find immense joy and satisfaction with my abilities as a healer.

My Naturopath prescribed the ‘Broken Heart Tea, as its very grounding and calming with my condition and I can take it with medications. I found the energetics gave me a really peaceful feeling and I am sleeping all night, every night!!!!!. Its good to know the nutrients are strengthening for my heart and circulatory system, without causing any complications.

Thank you so much for your amazing heart tea.

Melanie Crawford

Gentlemans Overindulgence Tea

I suffer bouts of gout. I can’t walk or move around when it goes to my big toe. The medication doesn’t always seem to work and its really painful. I have been trying to watch my diet, however, after a hard day’s work as a panel beater, I love to come home and relax with a few beers. My girlfriend got me some Gentleman’s Overindulgence Tea, as she worked with a Naturopath who makes it. Anyway, I’m not into the hassle of making herbal teas, so my girlfriend made up a pot, and put it into my drink bottle the next day. I tell you what, it worked really well, the gout started to ease, so I did it again for the next couple days and it really worked. I try to have a cup every day, however drink about 3 if I feel it coming on. It has a really nice cleansing taste too.  

Joe Wysoczanski

I am an elderly man and a keen furniture restorer hobbyist and recently I started getting immobilising pain in my neck that resembled an intense cramp that completely stopped me from working until a good friend suggested that I try this particular tea, and to my surprise, the next day the pain that I thought was a mechanical problem, disappeared and hasn’t returned!!!!That was two weeks ago and the discomfort hasn’t returned. Interestingly, I took no other medicine or supplement. I take it daily now as a preventative maintenance. No artificial painkillers for Me Thank You!! 

Mark Davies

Gone Viral Tea

I had this horrible flu which knocked me out for over a week, with an ugly cold sore on my mouth which wouldn’t go away.

I had two cups of the Gone Viral Tea for 2 days and the cold sore disappeared, really quickly. Hurray.

I felt the flu virus go and had more energy. I was back to normal in a few days with no return of the cold sore.

Ill definitely be using this tea as a preventative for my cold sores whenever I feel rundown.

I did find the natural liquorice root a bit sweet. I didn’t realise it was so sweet in its natural form, however my Mum loved it and she’s going to buy some too.

Phoebe Humphreys

Student Bachelor of Nursing.

Ladies Honeymoon Tea

I’ve suffered from UTI’s, Cystitis all my life with bladder irritation if I eat the wrong foods, or become stressed. It’s usually so painful that I head straight to the doctors for antibiotics. I don’t want to take antibiotics constantly. I’ve had so many tests done and taken so many medications, without finding the cause.  I did find a qualified herbalist, who made up some herbs, these seemed to work really well. However, I have to have a consultation every time I can get a bottle and it’s too expensive on a long-term basis. I found the Ladies Honeymoon Tea and have been using this as a preventative, drinking 1 cup a day.  I’m finding some relief with this, especially the bladder irritation. If I drink 2-3 cups when I feel a UTI coming on, it seems to flush it out. The herbs taste delicious, and have a beautiful aroma. If it does continue for longer, I do seek medical advice.

Hilary Banks

Retired Professional P.A.

Naughty Wink Tea

My husband and I enjoyed the delicious Naughty Wink Tea and were extremely impressed with its effects. With busy lives looking after a family, house and working, our time together intimately has naturally been compromised. The Naughty wink Tea boosted our drive, encouraging us to spend more time together in the bedroom. We were so impressed that we have put several friends onto it who also had a similar response. I would highly recommend it.

Sarah Kelly


No Remorse Tea

I decided to try this tea, due to its novel title which I found appealing, as I really enjoy the social aspects of a few glasses of wine, relaxing with friends, or to unwind from a hectic work day. However, like most I hate the toxic feeling the next day so I had one cup before bed as I’m aware St Marys thistle is protective of the liver and followed with 2 cups the next morning.  I really enjoyed the aromatic ginger influence, this also made me feel less nauseous afterwards with a clearer head, and without headache.  Furthermore, much less bloating and I felt the toxic residue of the alcohol from the night before dissipate with ease.  I would confidently enjoy a few more social wines knowing The No Remorse Tea has my back. Thank you!!!!!

Jenee Anslow

Animal Nutritionist

Wounded Warrior Herbal Tea

I have been on quite a journey with my Naturopath Linda McDermott, over the last year. We have managed to eliminate most prescription medications, along with the disease conditions, and now reducing the backup supplementation. I have come a long way from massive pain and anxiety with high dose pharmaceuticals, to a feeling of wellbeing.

  I have now moved to herbal teas, my favourite one is the Wounded Warrior Tea. I really like the taste of this one. I recently had to have a squamous cell carcinoma removed from my nose. It was quite deep and very painful. I was just amazed at how quickly it healed. The skin grew back really quickly, and I had no infection, even though I was under a huge amount of stress. I’ll definitely be taking this for any future surgeries, as its gentle enough to take without thinning the blood, provides oxygenation and collagen renewal, whilst reducing inflammation.

Karen Shreiweis.

Yummy Mummy Tea

I’ve just been exhausted with a new baby. The baby is colicky too and crying all night. I’m so scared about what to take as I really want everything to be natural.  My milk supply has been going down as I’m so tired. I really want to continue breastfeeding, as I feel this is best for my baby.  I wanted to try something as natural as possible. I know the herbs in this formula are all organic, grown in Australia, and formulated by a Naturopath.

I drank 2 cups of Yummy Mummy Tea and could definitely feel an increase in my milk supply. The baby seemed a lot calmer too with less colic.  The taste was really lovely, I love the fennel taste, and it worked on my digestion as well.  I’ll be using this to increase my supply when I have to express milk to freeze it for my return to work.  I’ve been having one cup in the afternoon and one cup with dinner.

I’m starting to feel like a Yummy Mummy again.

Tara Orr

Proud Mum.

Kickstarter Herbal Tea

Testimonial for the Kickstarter Brew – “This is a lovely but strong coffee with a real quality and full-bodied flavour which was not overpowered by the Ashwagandha herb. Overall, it gave me a kick without the shakes.”

Jennifer Akers