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Just Breath Balsam

Just Breath Balsam


In this Balsam we have combined ancestral folklore with homoeopathic to formulate a liniment to help break down congestion, especially within the lungs. Scientific research has also recommended this soothing, moisturising balsam for the treatment of bacterial skin diseases, such as fungi and eczema. This balsam contains homoeopathic ingredients, to calm allergic reactions such as nasal congestions, wheezing, coughing, irritated itchy skin, stiffness and swelling of the joints.

Pure distilled gum turpentine was the only medicine legally allowed to be used by slaves in Northern America during the 1800’s and also cited by Merck’s 1899 Materia Medica Manual with over 80 different therapeutic applications. It is one of the original ingredients in Vicks Vapour Rub.

Directions: Apply topically as needed, ideal for acute use as a liniment. Gentle enough to use for nappy rash.

For more applications including detox/parasite protocols please refer to websites, listed in references.

Ingredients: 50gms



100% Pure Organic Gum Spirits of Turpentine Distilled Pine Rosin Pinus Elliottii (Australia) 10%


Turpentine has an interesting history with vast medicinal uses, especially within the North Americas amongst slaves. Also listed in traditional Chinese medicine as a topical use for toothache, in the form of a gum. Turpentine has mainly been used topically, as a counter irritant for rheumatic and muscle pain. Other extracts of turpentine have been used for coughs and colds, and as an expectorant. There is scientific evidence that the turpentine breaks down mucous congestion within the tissues.

Studies have shown that turpentine is an effective and safe option for the treatment of bacterial skin diseases.

It is especially effective against mycoplasma and cell wall deficient microbes. Able to remove biofilms and prevent their recurrence. Particularly effective on gram-positive bacteria. Tends to leave good (probiotic) bacteria intact.

It is advised from my research that good cleansing bowel movements are necessary when using turpentine, to help clear out the breakdown of mucous, tissue toxins and debris.

Note; Pure gum turpentine is NOT the same thing as mineral turpentine. Mineral turpentine, also known as white spirit or mineral spirits, is a petroleum-derived clear liquid commonly used as a brush cleaner and paint thinner for enamel, oil based or solvent-based paints. Do not use mineral turpentine.




Lanolin is secreted by the sheep’s sebaceous glands. This wool wax helps prevent evaporation of water from the skin.  It also has antibacterial qualities which help to protect the sheep from fungal/bacterial infections. Lanolin is a similar chemical composition to our skin; it forms an emulsion with water that’s easily absorbed by the skin and this stops the dehydration of the skin. So safe, it’s been used as a nipple cream whilst breastfeeding new born babies.


Organic Tallow/Suet,

100% Pasture raised, grass fed, hormone free, ethically farmed to provide diversity and sustainability.  (Tasmania)

Fatty Acids: stearic, oleic, palmitic acid, conjugated linoleic acid. Fat soluble vitamins and antioxidants: A, D E, K2 and B1, B12.

Research studies have proven, that the level of moisturising from animal fats was far superior to plant-based oils. This is due to fat soluble activators only found in animal fats. Tallow resembles the natural sebum in our skin, ensuring absorption without irritation. The fatty acids, (Omega 3,6,7 and 9) have the ability to easily and deeply penetrate into the skins dermis to replenish lost moisture without clogging the pores and to also prevent transdermal water loss whilst also providing a protective layer. The anti-oxidants and fat-soluble vitamins provide healing and help to repair oxidative damage.


Arsenicum album, Histaminum, Natrium muriaticum, Phosphorus, Su;phur, Tuberculinum bovinum, (30C) Sourced in Australia

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Warning; These herbal infusions are a skin food in the rawest form. They are not to replace prescription medication from a medical professional. Please seek medical advice for any ongoing health conditions. If allergies occur, discontinue use.



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