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All In Vein Basket

All in Vein Basket

The Broken Heart Tea and the All in Vein Salve have been combined in this rustic style gift basket, to give internal and external support to the vascular and circulatory system. The Broken Heart Tea provides antioxidant tonic support to the heart and vascular (veins and capillaries) system, and is especially supportive for highly emotionally stressed individuals with hypertension.

The All in Vein Salve will, enhance vascular wall integrity, repair veins and capillaries. Helps soothe and heal haemorrhoids, and varicose veins.

The completely natural salve will tone the skin, help with cellular repair, lock in moisture and may be used for cellulite, spider veins, whilst also acting as a beauty balm, plumping the skin with an ultra-sheen.

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Please read the ingredients and research cited on the website for each individual product.


Cost $60 plus $15 postage

Includes $15 Postage

Warning: Please seek medical advice for all health conditions. These herbal infusions are a food designed to support various conditions, however, do not claim to cure, and are not to be used in place of prescribed medications.  Discontinue use immediately if you have any adverse reaction.