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Sooth and protect mucous membranes

Ladies Honeymoon Tea from Medicinal Botanix

Ladies Honeymoon Herbal Tea By Medicinal BotanixThe Ladies Honeymoon Tea is formulated to help reduce bladder inflammation and cystitis.


Barmosma betulina leaf (South Africa Cert Organic)


Buchu from Medicinal Botanix

Ladies Honeymoon Herbal TeaBuchu is a traditional South African remedy of the Khoikhoin people.  In Western herbal medicine it is listed specifically to treat cystitis and UTI infections by the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia. It is also used for prostatitis and inflamed bladder.

Urinary antiseptic, mild diuretic.


Althea officinalis milled root and leaves (Australia Cert Organic)


Althea officinalis milled root and leaves from Medicinal Botanix

Marshmallow – Native to Europe – is now naturalised in the Americas.

Soothes and protects mucous membranes in both the lungs and urinary tract system.

The leaves are more specifically for the urinary tract and the root more specifically for the lungs.


Agropyron repens rhizomes (Egypt Cert Organic)

Couch grass

Agropyron repens rhizomes from Egypt Certified Organic

Couch grass is an invasive weed, found extensively all over the world. An unwelcome guest in our garden, however a very welcome tincture for our urinary system. Commonly used for urethritis and cystitis, it protects the urinary tubules against infection and irritants, it also helps to reduce the irritation and laceration of kidney stones.

It was used traditionally by the Austrians against fever.  It is thought to have antibiotic properties.

I’ve suffered from UTI’s, Cystitis all my life with bladder irritation if I eat the wrong foods, or become stressed. It’s usually so painful that I head straight to the doctors for antibiotics. I don’t want to take antibiotics constantly. I’ve had so many tests done and taken so many medications, without finding the cause.  I did find a qualified herbalist, who made up some herbs, these seemed to work really well. However, I have to have a consultation every time I can get a bottle and it’s too expensive on a long-term basis. I found the Ladies Honeymoon Tea and have been using this as a preventative, drinking 1 cup a day.  I’m finding some relief with this, especially the bladder irritation. If I drink 2-3 cups when I feel a UTI coming on, it seems to flush it out. The herbs taste delicious, and have a beautiful aroma. If it does continue for longer, I do seek medical advice.

Hilary Banks

Retired Professional P.A.


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