Let the Leaves of the Trees Heal the Nation

No Remorse Tea

No Remorse Tea by Medicinal Botanix

No Remorse Herbal Tea Medicinal BotanixOur No Remorse Tea is formulated to help reduce the effects of a hangover.


Silybum marianum, milled seed (Austria Cert Organic)

St Marys thistle

St Marys thistle from Medicinal Botanix

St Marys Thistle grows wild around the Mediterranean. The Silymarin, a constituent in the seeds exerts a highly protective effect in the liver and its metabolic processes. Any condition where the liver is under stress, alcohol, infection, chemotherapy, St Marys speeds up the healing processes.

Protective and restorative to the liver cells, antioxidant, increases the flow of bile from the liver and the amount of solids excreted, cleansing.

Toxic liver damage, supportive treatment in patients with chronic inflammatory liver conditions and scarring on the liver, (cirrhosis).

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Stachys officinalis leaf/flower (Australia Cert Organic)

Wood Betony

Wood Betony from Medicinal Botanix

Betony. This sedative herb regarded once as a panacea for numerous illnesses is now mainly used as a nervine and has real value as a remedy for headaches and facial pain. The overall tonic effect relieves nervous stress and tension.

Betony is a Celtic name which means “good head”.


Taraxacum officinale root ( Australia Cert Organic)

Dandelion root

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root. This weed has an amazing range of therapeutic benefits. The root is used to detoxify the liver and gallbladder in the removal of waste products.

Dandelion leaf and root are considered to have similar actions; bitter tonic, increasing the amount of bile released from the liver, as well as the amount of solids excreted, diuretic (especially the leaf), mild laxative, and anti-rheumatic.


Zingiber officinale milled root (Sri Lanka Cert Organic)


Zingiber officinale milled root Ginger Sri Lanka Cert Organic

This is a tropical plant and the volatile oils (zingiberene) have been shown to be a highly anti-emetic remedy for nausea of origin. The antiseptic qualities are valued for gastrointestinal infections. Ginger increases circulation and helps to reduce body temperature.

Relieves flatulence, prevents vomiting, peripheral circulatory stimulant, reduces spasms, anti-inflammatory, prevents blood clots from forming and growing, reduces sweating, digestive stimulate, pungent.

It is used for morning sickness, motion sickness, and for pre and post-operative procedures, under supervision in European hospitals.

I decided to try this tea, due to its novel title which I found appealing, as I really enjoy the social aspects of a few glasses of wine, relaxing with friends, or to unwind from a hectic work day.

However, like most I hate the toxic feeling the next day so I had one cup before bed as I’m aware St Marys thistle is protective of the liver and followed with 2 cups the next morning.

I really enjoyed the aromatic ginger influence, this also made me feel less nauseous afterwards with a clearer head, and without headache.

Furthermore, much less bloating and I felt the toxic residue of the alcohol from the night before dissipate with ease.

I would confidently enjoy a few more social wines knowing The No Remorse Tea has my back. Thank you!!!!!

Jenee Anslow

Animal Nutritionist

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Let The Leaves Of The Trees Heal The Nation

The Ultimate Superfood

Our herbal infusions have been formulated by a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist and Yoga Practitioner with 15 years of clinical experience, who believes passionately that gentle, effective and sustained relief from certain ailments can be sourced from Mother Nature herself.

Our high-quality herbs are Australian-certified organically grown or sustainably wildcrafted and packaged with love and care in Australia.  Combining traditional herbal lore and modern scientific research, these herbal infusions are a food in the most natural raw organic form, which supports the microbiome in the digestive system. The energetics of the specific herbs combine to enhance health maintenance and support for various mild ailments.  All formulations are suitable for both men and women.  All infusions may be used internally and topically.

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ALL TEAS ARE PRICED AT $18 EACH + Post & Packing, except Mariners Brew and Kickstarter, $20 + and Gone Worming, $25;

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Warning: Please seek medical advice for all health conditions. These herbal infusions are a food designed to support various conditions, however, do not claim to cure, and are not to be used in place of prescribed medications. Discontinue use immediately if you have any adverse reaction.