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Naughty Wink Tea Improves Libido

Naughty Wink Tea – Improves Libido

Naughty Wink Tea Medicinal BotanixThe Naughty Wink Tea … Is formulated to help enhance libido.  


Gingko Biloba leaf (China Cert Organic)

Gingko Biloba

Naughty Wink Tea - Improve Libido

Gingko also known as the maidenhair tree, is found in fossils dating back 270 million years. Native to China, it is best known for its treatment of Alzheimer’s.

Extensive research has established the importance of Gingko in improving circulation, and reducing inflammation in arterial blood flow.

Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory (anti-PAF) activity, increases delivery of blood to a capillary bed in tissue, enhances circulation, improves brain function and protects the neurons in the brain. neuroprotective.

Naughty Wink Herbal TeaPtychopetalum olaciodes bark (Brazil Wildcrafted)

Muira puama, Potency wood

Naughty Wink Tea - Improving Libido

The indigenous name means Potency Wood and the bark of this tree has been used as an aphrodisiac, often referred to as “The Viagra of the Amazon”.

Muira puama has a long traditional use as an energy tonic and general health improver for such conditions as neuromuscular tonic and central nervous system disorders.

Early research suggests combining Muira puama with Gingko increases sexual desire in both men and women. It is thought the ‘sterols” in the bark are the building blocks for sex hormones especially testosterone, and the herb relaxes the corpus cavernosa, which holds the blood during an erection, this relaxation allows more blood to flow to the penis.

Another study by the Institute of Sexology in Paris, of 202 women, found after one month of supplementation, 65% of women reported improvements in sexual desire, and orgasm intensity.

The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia recommends its use for impotence and dysentery.

Traditional indications by the indigenous people of the Amazon, include;

Central nervous system stimulant, with mild anxiolytic effects, memory enhancing, rheumatism, cardiac and gastrointestinal weakness and powerful aphrodisiac.

My husband and I enjoyed the delicious Naughty Wink Tea and were extremely impressed with its effects. With busy lives looking after a family, house and working, our time together intimately has naturally been compromised. The Naughty wink Tea boosted our drive, encouraging us to spend more time together in the bedroom. We were so impressed that we have put several friends onto it who also had a similar response. I would highly recommend it.

Sarah Kelly


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Herbal Teas Medicinal Botanix - Naughty Wink Tea - Improving Libido


Let The Leaves Of The Trees Heal The Nation

The Ultimate Superfood

Our herbal infusions have been formulated by a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist and Yoga Practitioner with 15 years of clinical experience, who believes passionately that gentle, effective and sustained relief from certain ailments can be sourced from Mother Nature herself.

Our high-quality herbs are Australian-certified organically grown or sustainably wildcrafted and packaged with love and care in Australia.  Combining traditional herbal lore and modern scientific research, these herbal infusions are a food in the most natural raw organic form, which supports the microbiome in the digestive system. The energetics of the specific herbs combine to enhance health maintenance and support for various mild ailments.  All formulations are suitable for both men and women.  All infusions may be used internally and topically.

Naughty Wink Tea

Naughty Wink Herbal tea










Is formulated to help enhance libido.

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ALL TEAS ARE PRICED AT $18 EACH + Post & Packing, except Mariners Brew and Kickstarter, $20 + and Gone Worming, $25;

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Warning: Please seek medical advice for all health conditions. These herbal infusions are a food designed to support various conditions, however, do not claim to cure, and are not to be used in place of prescribed medications. Discontinue use immediately if you have any adverse reaction.