Let the Leaves of the Trees Heal the Nation

Let The Leaves Of The Trees Heal The Nation

About Us

Let The Leaves Of The Trees Heal The Nation

The Ultimate Superfood

Medicinal Botanix  has been created to provide organic botanical medicines, wildcrafted and from the kitchen garden, utilising traditional lore, scientific research and decades of clinical experience, to provide effective and sustaining support for certain health conditions. We passionately believe that if we return to the source of nature for healing, and utilise mother nature’s toolbox, we can gently support the body back to a state of homeostatic balance. We acknowledge the energetics of the plants bring life force in combination with the researched compounds.

The energetics of the product begins with the quality of the soil, planting of the seeds, through to the packaging process, with the utmost integrity and reverence to Mother Nature.

Linda McDermott N.D. A.N.T.A Provider no. 6974, A mature, professional Naturopath and Yoga Teacher, with 20 years of clinical experience, and 6 years’ experience working within a pharmaceutical clinic. Linda has an integrated approach, is Qualified and Certified, and can work with pharmaceutical medications concurrently. Linda keeps totally up to date with all the scientific and alternative health research, both in Australia and Internationally.

Our Address:  Linda McDermott, Main Beach, Qld 4217

Email: lindamac_nd@yahoo.com.au

Linda McDermott Naturopath Gold Coast

Linda does address the symptoms, however, believes in identifying the cause, for long term results.  The toolbox used includes: Herbal Medicine, Nutritional/Dietary Management, Mineral Therapy, Homoeopathic/Bush flower Remedies, Lifestyle Changes and Pathology Testing. Specialising in oncology support and autoimmune conditions, however, has vast experience with most conditions.

With 20 years of dispensing herbal tinctures in clinical practice, with excellent results, Linda has developed a passion for using natural medicines, as close to the raw form as possible, acknowledging the energetics of the plants have an important part to play in our healing.  The formulas used in the herbal teas and topical applications, have been developed from years of clinical experience.  Mother Nature provides a wholistic and sustaining form of medicine without the side-effects of quick fix medications., or major surgical interventions.

“First the word, then the plant, lastly the knife”

Aesculapius of Thassaly c 1200 BC

Linda has 20 years’ experience as a Yoga and Meditation Teacher. This experience was gained whilst being trained in all the disciplines of a Traditional Yoga Ashram, whilst in residence over a 2-year period. Initiation was given, and a regular sadhana is practiced daily, to this day, with immense gratitude.

Most importantly, Linda has survived and thrived, being a mother of 3 daughters and grandmother of 4, which is the hardest and most spiritually demanding work.  Linda initially raised her children on a hobby farm in Tasmania, however, experienced the journey of ‘the dark night of the soul’ as a single parent, with 3 teenage daughters. This provided a realistic and empathic life experience with common sense. Now a sailor, learning the Mariner Lore, enjoying another very challenging adventure with Mother Nature, albeit more peaceful.


 Initial consult: $100

 Follow up consult: $60

Comprehensive consultations are available via zoom. Please complete the diagnostic form, then a zoom consultation is arranged, which generally takes 1 hour. Pathology testing may be arranged, then a script and health management program are emailed through. A private ordering system is set up, giving the patient access to all ‘practitioner only’ medications/nutraceutical compounds, herbal tinctures and dietary advice, which will then be delivered to your home with complete instructions. All done simply with the utmost privacy and professional confidentiality.  In accordance with Australian Medical Regulations. Unfortunately, Private Health Rebates have been axed for Naturopaths.

Please call if there is confusion about Zoom Medihealth consultations. Many of our elderly are not adept at computers, and I can help to arrange support.  

  • Yoga Classes and Workshop Retreats

Private Yoga classes are available upon request and workshops/retreats at certain times of the year. Workshops include; Yoga to support Oncology (Cancer) treatments, Yoga cleansing techniques, incorporating Dhauti practices, Shankhaprakshalana, Kunjal, Neti and Trataka. Yoga for Trauma, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Meditation Practices.