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Broken Heart Tea

Broken Heart Herbal Tea

Broken Heart Herbal Tea Medicinal BotanixThe Broken Heart Tea is formulated to help lower blood pressure due to emotional stress and strengthen the heart muscle.


Crataegus monogyna leaf/flower (Aust Wildcrafted)


Crataegus monogyna leaf and flower Hawthorne

Hawthorne has been considered as food for the heart, and folk tales from the middle ages call this tree a symbol of hope.

The bioflavonoids, (rutin and quercetin), and the proanthocyanin constituents relax and dilate the coronary arteries. These constituents are also strongly antioxidant helping to prevent degeneration of the blood vessels.

Both the leaf and berry have the same constituents.

Protects and strengthens the heart muscle and vortex, reduces blood pressure, peripheral vasodilator, balances abnormal heart rhythms, antioxidant, mild astringent, collagen stabilizing.

Leonurus cardiaca leaf/ flower (Australia Cert Org)


Motherwort from Medicinal Botanix

Motherwort is native to Central Asia, it grows wild in the woodlands. Nicholas Culpeper, a noted herbalist, stated that ‘there is no better herb to drive away melancholy vapours from the heart, to strengthen it and make the mind cheerful.’ Motherwort strengthens the heart and nerves and is often used for palpitations.

Nervine tonic, heart tonic, reduces high blood pressure, balances abnormal heart rhythms, antithyroid, reduces spasms.

Tilia europaea flower (Hungary Cert Organic)

Linden or Lime flowers

Tilia europaea flower Hungary Cert Organic

This sedative herb has been found as an effective remedy for stress and panic, especially when emotional factors are involved. Commonly taken to reduce blood pressure, it also helps to calm the mind and allow easy sleep.

Reduces spasms, opens the blood vessels to the periphery, mild sedative, reduces sweating.

Gingko Biloba Leaf (China Cert Organic)


Gingko biloba leaf from China Certified Organic

Gingko also known as the maidenhair tree, is found in fossils dating back 270 million years. Native to China, it is best known for its treatment of Alzheimer’s.

Extensive research has established the importance of Gingko in improving circulation and reducing inflammation in arterial blood flow.

Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory (anti-PAF) activity, increases delivery of blood to a capillary bed in tissue, enhances circulation, improves brain function and protects the neurons in the brain.  Reduces blood clotting.

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I’m a clairvoyant and emotional healer. I have developed a condition called Atrial Fibrillation, to do with the electrics in my heart. I have had to give up coffee, tea and go easy on all stimulants like sugar, as this seems to set it off. I love my work and find immense joy and satisfaction with my abilities as a healer.

My Naturopath prescribed the ‘Broken Heart Tea, as its very grounding and calming with my condition and I can take it with medications. I found the energetics gave me a really peaceful feeling and I am sleeping all night, every night!!!!!. Its good to know the nutrients are strengthening for my heart and circulatory system, without causing any complications.

Thank you so much for your amazing heart tea.

Melanie Crawford

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