Let the Leaves of the Trees Heal the Nation

Organic Heavy Metal, Pesticide and Parasite Detox Basket

Detox Basket

Is formulated to help clear the body and tissues of accumulated toxic compounds, heavy metals and water-soluble chemicals, via lymphatics, kidneys, liver and bowel. This is done via ion exchange, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes. All without harming the internal microflora to help you feel cleansed and energised.

Designed by a Qualified Naturopath/Herbalist, Linda McDermott N.D. with 20 years of clinical experience.

Please call or email to register before beginning this protocol to ensure there are no interactions with medications or health issues. Ensure any supplements or medications are taken at least 2 hours away from the zeolite and rhubarb.                                           

Mobile: 0423162083   Email: lindamac_nd@yahoo.com.au

Ingredients Used

Included in the basket:

The Overindulgence Tea

Is formulated as a tonic for the kidney filtering system. The minerals sodium, potassium act on ion exchange, whist providing electrolytes. Dandelion leaf helps to flush out glyphosates and other water-soluble chemicals. Celery seed flushes out excess uric acid. Alfalfa restores mineral balance to an alkaline level, whilst providing micronutrients.

The Gone Worming Tea

Paw paw seeds and leaves break down toxic proteins, Black walnut hulls oxygenate the blood and provide high amounts of antioxidants i.e. alpha lipoic acid, to help clear chemical build up. Wormwood provides the bitter tonic effect whilst stimulating gastric secretions and Cloves clear out mould, dysbiosis, whilst calming the digestive tract. Synergistically working together on parasites, worms, toxic proteins, and bacterial build-up. All without harming our healthy microbiome.


Organic Activated Zeolite with main ingredient: 85% Clinoptilolite


Zeolites are volcanic ash minerals with a negative charge and a unique cage like crystal structure, this allows for positively charges ions, (such as toxic heavy metals and radiation) to be attracted and trapped inside the compound for elimination. Activated Clinoptilolite provides more surface area for the toxic metals to attach to. Zeolite does not remove healthy minerals, and provides an alkaline buffer.

Organic Rhubarb Root Rheum palmatum

Rhubarb Root

Is the laxative of choice, as it is used extensively in Chinese medicine for bowel cancers, due to its anti-inflammatory actions and ability to detox the bowel. It helps to cleanse the liver and to reduce abnormal cell division. Rheum has a protective effect on the intestinal mucosal barrier and regulates the gastrointestinal flora.  Producing a brisk healthy cleanse without clogging the bowels.


Optional: Aluminium Free, BiCarb Soda, sea salt, lemons



To begin: Try to organise a 3-day period of time, where you can rest and fast, away from EMF for an added digital detox, preferably in nature.

Day 1-3

Upon rising: 2 cups of Overindulgence tea with lemon and a pinch of Celtic Sea salt

Lunch time: 1 cup of Gone Worming Tea with 1 teaspoon of zeolite powder mixed in

Afternoon:     2 cups of Overindulgence tea with 1 teaspoon bicarb

Dinner time: 1 cup of Gone Worming Tea with 1 teaspoon Zeolite powder mixed in

Bedtime:       1 cup of Gone Worming tea with 1 teaspoon of Rhubarb Root powder mixed in.

Repeat for 2 more days.

Try to spend time in nature, sunshine, with no Wi-Fi, gentle walks on the beach, or forest, with no shoes. Epsom salt baths, ice cold showers, swims in the ocean or waterfalls, Dry skin brushing, clay or mud packs. Reading books, meditation, music, yoga, sleeping.

Ensure all Wi-Fi is turned off at night and put the mobile on aeroplane mode to reduce EMF whilst sleeping.

When breaking the fast, go gently with organic raw food, casseroles of root vegetables, organic bone broths with raw butter/ghee.

Try to repeat this protocol, one day a week, or one day a month ongoing.

Always listen to your own body, and your intuition, as you are your greatest Doctor.

Warning: Please seek medical advice for all health conditions. These herbal infusions are a food designed to support various conditions, however, do not claim to cure, and are not to be used in place of prescribed medications.  Discontinue use immediately if you have any adverse reaction.

This detox will work without the fasting/autophagy component, to reduce heavy metals parasites, dysbiosis. So you may do this gentle detox whilst consuming your normal diet and lifestyle. However, is more effective if undertaken as a complete detox, incorporating withdrawing the Radiation of WIFI.  Please refer to each individual tea on the website for the ingredient list and further research studies. This detox is not sold without a mini consultation, which is included in the price.

Cost $90 plus $20 postage

Includes $20 Postage


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