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Yummy Mummy Tea

The Yummy Mummy Tea Is formulated to help with breastfeeding.

Galega officinalis

Goats Rue

Goats Rue

Yummy Mummy Herbal TeaThe Ariel parts of Goats Rue main medicinal action is the ability to reduce blood sugar levels, however, it is a very strong galactagogue, meaning it helps increase the production of breastmilk. Many tired hormonal mothers would welcome the anti-diabetic action whilst struggling with weight gain after the birth of a baby.

Foeniculum vulgare



The seeds are gathered in autumn around the Mediterranean region of Europe and contain high amounts of volatile oil, it is this volatile oil which reduces intestinal spasming, calms stomach pain, and helps to reduce bloating. Fennel is safe for children and nursing mothers, the volatile oil passes through the breast milk directly to the infant,  calming both mother and baby and is especially useful for the windy colic in infants. Fennel increases breast milk production and has also been used to help with babies teething problems. The herb is still used as an eyewash for sore eyes and conjunctivitis, also as a treatment for cystitis.

Urtica dioica



This very valuable herb, grows wild in all temperate regions worldwide. Nettle has many uses and is even eaten like a vegetable in famine times due to its nutritive constituents.

The Ariels parts can be used to treat anaemia, to build up the blood and help to improve breast milk production. Nettle has a cleansing detoxifying effect and helps to improve skin rashes, especially allergic style rashes, insect bites, and hay fever. German studies have found the leaf has a marked anti-inflammatory action. Nettle contains many minerals especially high amounts of silica, which is excellent for keratin growth, such as hair and nails.

I’ve just been exhausted with a new baby. The baby is colicky too and crying all night. I’m so scared about what to take as I really want everything to be natural.

My milk supply has been going down as I’m so tired. I really want to continue breastfeeding, as I feel this is best for my baby.

I wanted to try something as natural as possible. I know the herbs in this formula are all organic, grown in Australia, and formulated by a Naturopath.

I drank 2 cups of Yummy Mummy Tea and could definitely feel an increase in my milk supply. The baby seemed a lot calmer too with less colic.

The taste was really lovely, I love the fennel taste, and it worked on my digestion as well.

I’ll be using this to increase my supply when I have to express milk to freeze it for my return to work.

I’ve been having one cup in the afternoon and one cup with dinner.

I’m starting to feel like a Yummy Mummy again.

Tara Orr

Proud Mum.

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