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Castor Oil Compress Pack

Castor Oil Compress Pack


Is formulated as a compress to stimulate waste elimination, to draw out toxins, to enhance lymphatic circulation, and to break down internal adhesions. As a compress, this can be directed to specific organs, such as the lungs, liver, gallbladder and uterus, or to swollen joints and vertebra in the spine.


The Compress pack contains:
500ml of Castor Oil in an amber glass bottle.
1 handmade Calico Compress.
Leaflet with instructions on use. Basket, (which may vary).
The Compress may be used with other formulas or poultices; however, these are not sold separately.


Certified Organic, Cold Pressed, Hexane Free



Castor Oil Plant, seeds (Australia)

Ricinus communis  


castor oil plant

The castor oil plant is native to Eastern Africa and likes a hot climate.

The seeds are picked when ripe and placed into the sun to mature.

The seeds contain lectins, alkaloids, (ricinine) and glycerides, (ricinoleic acid), a highly toxic protein, (ricin).

The seeds are poisonous, however, do not pass into the expressed oil. The oil has been used for over 4000 years, in many cultures, mainly as a lubricant for constipation, however also as a stimulant to be massaged into the breasts after childbirth to enhance milk production.

Cleopatra used a drop in each eye to brighten her eyes and to reduce the formation of cataracts. Modern research has shown, effective results for blepharitis, and dry eye (ocular surface pathology).

Compresses have been used to stimulate waste elimination, to draw out toxins, and to enhance lymphatic circulation. The constituents of the castor oil herb, penetrate deeper than any other oil to stimulate blood flow, reduce inflammation and now thought to break up adhesions, scar tissue, internal growths, congestions and spurs.

As a compress this can be directed to specific organs to treat: uterine fibroids, abdominal scarring, endometriosis, pelvic congestion, gall bladder stones, kidney stones, bronchitis, liver cirrhosis, joint pain, back pain and for after surgery.

These packs are not to be used by pregnant women due to the stimulating nature of the castor oil.



Saturate 2/3rds of the inside towelling section of the poultice, with castor oil.

Leave for 15-mins to absorb. Keep the outer circle of towelling dry, for spillage. It is only necessary to top this up, when the poultice feels dry. This may be used repeatedly on the same area.

Add the hot water bottle/wheat pack to the pack insert.

Apply the organic cotton wrap to the area needing treatment and secure with straps.

Leave for at least one hour or ideally overnight.

Repeat for 10-14 days.

Please wash the pack, and re-saturate, if treating different areas.

If using directly on the body, please massage in a clockwise direction.



Calico Compress

Locally Handmade in Australia

This Compress has been handmade using the most natural fibres, to minimise toxins entering the body. There is a PVC lining for practical purposes to keep the heat in and to stop oil spillage.

Compresses are an ancestral healing technique to provide healing herbs and oils to penetrate through the skin, whilst improving circulation, and aiding with internal organ detoxification.

This compress has a pocket at the back for a hot water bottle, and/or heating/ice pack.


Unbleached Calico
Organic Cotton
PVC lining
Grosgrain Ribbon for decoration.

Care instructions:

Wash before use.

It is only necessary to wash the compress, when treating different areas.

Reapply oils, or herbs as needed, when the compress becomes dry.

Wash with a pure organic soap in warm water.

Rinse with a tablespoon of Bicarb soda (Aluminium free), to 1 litre of water.

After washing, place in natural sunlight to dry.

Cost: $90

Note: these packs are only sold at the markets, or arranged by pickup.

Please call Linda to arrange; 0423162083

Warning; these herbal infusions are a superfood in the rawest form. They are not to replace prescription medication from a medical professional. Please seek medical advice for any ongoing health conditions.


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